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Nitrile Gloves for Public Health and Safety Professionals

PH&S continues to pioneer the production and marketing of accelerator, suflur, and zinc free gloves in North America. Our goal is to provide the highest quality glove selection to Public Health & Safety Professionals. 

With our proprietory ASZF and state of the art hot water leaching process. We have created a nitrile glove with exceptional strength, elasticity and polymer coating for ease donning and doffing of the gloves.

PH&S Products offers the Public Health and Safety market a NFPA (1999-2013) approved ASZF nitrile gloves eliminating the use of accelerators, sulfur, and Zinc chemicals found in all nitrile gloves found in the market today.

Chemical accelerators have been known as active agents of allergic contact dermatitis or Type I Hypersensitivity or Type IV Delayed Hypersensitivity. Our white ASZF nitrile gloves are free of Thiurams, Mercaptobenzothlazoles and Dithiocarbamates (Carbamates), and free of color pigments.

Our Gloves Meet 21CFR 880.6250 Patient Examination Glove Requirement.

ResQ-Grip Gloves offer supreme force
of break. This durable nitrile glove
offers excellent protection. Outstanding
Force of Break due to the nitrile
compound giving superior stretch
and strength.

EN388:2016 Force at Break

Glove Elongation Video

Elongation testing measures the
length a glove will stretch before it
breaks. The higher the percentage of
stretch or elongation at the break
the more strength and flexibility
the glove will have.


How to remove Nitrile Gloves
without self-contamination.